What we do

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The Driftless Art Collective, or D.Art Co. (Dartco) was founded in 1978 as Decorah Regional Arts Council and rebranded in 2010 with a new name and renewed focus on helping artists connect and grow.

The collective has expanded from the Decorah area to provide services for artists and arts enthusiasts in the Driftless Region.

Our mission is to empower our community to network and foster partnerships, so together we can create stronger art-related events, cultural activities, and educational opportunities.

    MembershipWe are a membership organization, we rely on the strength, generosity and recognition from members – artists and arts enthusiasts alike – who support our mission.
    Artist Services We serve artists, both in providing opportunities to share their talents and to develop their role in our communities.
    Advocacy We are here to ensure artists are supported, visible and that communities recognize the importance of the arts and cultural industry from economic and social positions.
    Fiscal Sponsorship We provide promotional, administrative, and community-building support to artists and arts groups looking to get off the ground, grow, and improve life in the Driftless Region through Fiscal Sponsorship.
    We are your local arts council As an organization, we feel we can support the region by having a health non-profit business. We’re board-run and our board members cross the spectrum of artists and do-ers in the community. We rely on their volunteerism as well as the advice and support of industry professionals, as well as the support of the communities we serve.