Jennifer Fisher Jones

Featured at Chamber Gallery & Mezzanine Gallery
2 – 28 September 2014


While submerged, water provides solace, solitude, healing, balance, and visual gifts that awe and inspire. As one who has spent many hours in chlorinated pools or natural bodies of water, representing the peace and magic that I experience there with oil on canvas seemed a natural endeavor.

For these paintings, I begin by taking underwater photos of subjects and reviewing the results to find the frames that have interesting compositions and lighting. Sometimes I will combine the results of multiple photos to achieve a desired effect or springboard to another idea to which I will shoot specifically.

Jennifer Fisher Jones

Jennifer is a native Iowan. Upon graduation from Grinnell High School she attended Macalester College where earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Studio Art. Jennifer also holds a K12 Teaching Certification in Art from the University of Iowa. Jennifer has years of experience teaching art to children in private and public schools and has designed and taught after school art programs and summer art camps in California and Iowa.

Jennifer currently resides in Decorah, Iowa where she makes the creation of her own art a priority. Jennifer and her husband Brian and have two children, Adam (9) and Greta (7) and three furry creatures two of which are named Mo(e).

Chamber Gallery is hosted by Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce, Water St, Decorah, Ia.
Mezzanine Gallery is hosted by Decorah Public Library, Winnebago St, Decorah, Ia.

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