The mission of Driftless Art Collective is to empower our community to network and foster partnerships, so together we can create stronger art-related events, cultural activities and educational opportunities. We are your local artist network and arts council.

Interns are so valuable to our organization, both working behind the scenes in non-profit organizational support (in the physical and virtual worlds) and getting out there and serving our community. Internships can run over an entire academic year, a semester, or summer. This is a great volunteer opportunity for a high school or college students to gain valuable business experience and boost community involvement. We will work with you to tailor your internship to suit your specific skills and interests. It’s a win/win

You are:

  • Passionate for science, culture, arts, or education. We’re pretty sure everyone could choose at least one…
  • Strong interest in learning about the non-profit sector.
  • Good facility in social media and tech savvy, including Facebook, WordPress, digital photography, and some basic design experience, or a strong willingness to learn.
  • Courteous, creative communicator, ready to explore new ideas.

With Dartco, you might:

  • Support the Board with administrative tasks: design posters, update online information, create email newsletters, etc.
  • Collect data (visual, text, publicity, local info, etc) and make reports to the Board.
  • Coordinate events with Board including planning, PR, contacting artists and venues, create budgets, and source funding.
  • and more…

We’ve been thinking are Social Media Intern, Arts Management Intern, perhaps Publicity Intern or Design Intern, but we’re open to your brilliant ideas! Might you be our next <INSERT YOUR IDEA HERE> Intern?


Flexible. Between 1-4 hours/week, or 10-12 hours/month.

If you are interested in achieving credit for your internship, please contact us and your career center, and allow plenty of time to make arrangements before you want to begin.


Decorah and surrounding community (vehicles not required)


Let us know if you have any questions or want to talk about your ideas, just email Sarah, info@dartco.org.

Complete, return this Internship Application Form and we’ll set up an opportunity to discuss how we can work together. Must be 16 or older.