Our applications for Fiscal Sponsorship are now available on our website.

Applications can be submitted four times throughout the year and with this new application, Dartco is introducing three options for fiscal sponsorship:

One-off Project: Fundraiser? Concert? for a charitable cause? Work with Dartco to make your special event happen for a special cause.

Ongoing Projects: Smaller organizations working with volunteers can benefit from eligibility to seek tax exempt funds and grants. This option is for groups with long term plans working with Dartco for support, advice, and guidance to keep their project healthy and successful so that you can achieve your goals of serving our region.

Incubator: Dartco can also support projects with big dreams of becoming their own 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This start up option gives you the opportunity to immediately seek funding and to work with Dartco to plan for your future application for independent status. Dartco expects to support these projects for 2 – 4 years through start up, planning, application, and independence. Organizations with a few years under their belt as a nonprofit entity and are ready to move forward, or those who have been created under other fiscal sponsorship groups, may also consider this option.

If you have any questions or just want to find out more, visit our website dartco.org, and please get in touch! Fees and requirements are outlined in the Guidelines for Terms.

We can’t wait to see what you can’t wait to do!